Greenergy’s energy production takes place in small power plants with an electrical capacity of 0.5-10 MW, which are installed in a decentralized manner, close to consumers. Thus, power and heat produced in the power plants reach consumers with minimal network losses. Among other things, decentralized energy production contributes to the stability of the network and reduces the costs of developing the network.

Cogeneration of power and heat production in gas-fired power plants

During cogeneration, heat production, which is a by-product of the power produced, is also utilized, so the power plants operated by Greenergy work with significantly higher efficiencies compared to conventional power plants. In recent years, the average overall efficiency of gas-fired power plants has been 76.4%, which can be considered a favourable value, considering that power plants are basically involved in electricity system-level regulation, so their production is constantly changing in line with MAVIR’s expectations.
Greenergy currently owns 22 small gas-fired power plants with an electrical capacity of 47 MWe. The gas engines are made by Jenbacher.

Renewable energy power plants

Greenergy is also involved in renewable energy production, which relies on three wind farms (with a total capacity of 4.1 MWe), one solar power plant, and three biomass-fired heating plants (with a rated thermal input of 7.4 MW). We are currently working on preparations for the construction of several solar power plants.