As a power trading licensee and power exchange member (HUPX), Greenergy’s sales division sells power generated by our small power plants (as well as small power plants of our partners) and power plant capacity in the power and balancing capacity markets or directly to power consumers. The heat produced in our power plants is sold directly to our local partners.

Our company has a self-developed power plant control center (virtual power plant or VPP) that brings together small power plants controlled jointly into a well-controlled virtual commercial power plant unit. The basic advantage of our system is that it is based on a monitoring system developed for more than 10 years, which takes into account the specifics of small gas-fired power plants. The power plant portfolio, which is in joint balance with Dunamenti Power Plant (MET Hungary), also provides commercial and regulatory central services to third-party external partners.

The Greenergy Group’s small power plant regulatory center was one of the first to pioneer in the emergence of small power plants in the system-level services market and has now become one of the largest small power plant regulatory centers in the country.